Dr. Francis Vala

Dr. Francis Vala

phone     (604) 973-0167
email      f.vala@drvalabariatrics.com
website  www.drvalabariatrics.com

Since 2010, Francis Vala, MD, a leading authority on medical weight loss on North Shore of Vancouver, has been helping people lose weight effectively and safely and to keep it off long term.

Francis Vala has helped hundreds of patients lose their excess weight. You can lose weight by rebalancing your metabolism and making healthy lifestyle changes. By following this medical weight loss program, patients can safely lose 4 to 10 pounds every month and keep it off.

Francis Vala is driven by his passion to actively improve people’s quality of life. Frustrated by the inadequate standards of obesity treatment administered by most commercial weight loss programs, Francis Vala spent years researching and developing his bariatric program.

He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2005 and specialized in Bariatric Medicine. He is a member of the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSBC), Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians & Surgeons (CABPS), American Association of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP), and Int’l Association of the Study of Obesity (IASO).